Online Slots Boost Germany’s Gambling Revenue

Oliver Brown
October 26, 2022

Germany’s gambling industry is booming, and online slots are a big reason why. According to recent reports, the country’s gambling revenue increased by 15.5% this year so far, thanks largely to the popularity of online slots. This is great news for Germany’s economy, as well as for the thousands of people who work in the gambling industry.

Last week, the German Ministry of Finance released new data on its country’s gambling industry. The results showed that tax revenue from total operations was €596 million ($589 thousand).

Of this amount, online slots contributed just under a third at 12320000 EUR or 1306212 USD per quarter – which is a decent increase when compared to last year’s numbers where they were still figuring out how things should work in regards o Online Casinos

More New Casino Operators Are Coming soon

The number of new online slot operators in Germany just went up by two, as Interwetten and Novomatic’s Admiral brands are both planning to enter the market soon. The Sachsen-Anhalt State Administration Office had approved them for operation with their existing licenses from previous years when they operated sports betting platforms before switching to slot machines too!

Germany has been one of the world’s top gambling markets for a long time now, and it looks like things are only going to get better in 2022. Many sportsbooks coming back online with increased offerings throughout the coming weeks when World cup betting becomes available again.

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